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Graphic: Safety Initiatives for Greek-Letter Organizations

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Penn State: New Safety Initiatives for Greek-Letter Organizations

The safety of our students and campus community is of paramount importance. Hazing, dangerous drinking, sexual assault and overly large gatherings are complex issues that vex colleges and universities nationwide. The new measures build upon more than a decade of efforts focused on addressing these issues.

New Measures: 2017

  • Disciplinary process
    • All conduct cases relating to all student organizations will now be handled by the University
  • New resources; hiring 14 new positions
  • Dedicated University monitoring
  • Deferred recruitment/enhanced eligibility requirements for recruitment
  • Informational Greek Chapter Scorecard
  • Greek membership fee beginning 2018
  • Mandatory signing of relationship statement
  • Continued social restrictions
    • Moratorium on alcohol at chapter social events until all chapters complete educational and risk management programs
    • Limit on number of socials
    • No daylong events. Only beer and wine
    • Social events both indoors and outdoors limited to legal capacity of the chapter house
    • Service of alcohol at social events must follow Pennsylvania law and be distributed by RAMP trained servers
  • Reinstatement of the Neighborhood Enforcement Alcohol Team (NEAT)
  • Additional parent and member education
  • Semester survey for new members
  • No tolerance for hazing/Violation
    of Pennsylvania law

    • Incidents of serious hazing will result in permanent revocation of University recognition
    • Permanent ban of Beta Theta Pi

Decade-long commitment

— Penn State Sexual Misconduct Climate Survey
— Bystander intervention program

— Collegiate Recovery Community

— Alcohol banned in residence halls
— Medical amnesty
— Mandatory Greek-life education on alcohol, sexual assault and hazing
— Notify parents of underage drinking violations involving their student
— BASICS (alcohol screening and intervention program for mandated students)

— Substance-free housing

— Required alcohol education for first-year students
— Mandatory alcohol education in new student orientation
— Parent alcohol education

Earlier initiatives
This timeline is a small sampling of the actions taken by Penn State over many years to educate students and curb dangerous drinking and misconduct.

History of Action
When Penn State has been alerted to allegations of hazing, the University takes immediate action to investigate and impose significant sanctions. Multiple organizations have been suspended for these behaviors in the past decade.

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